… Matrix access iD spoofed.
… Encryption Keys generated.
… Connected to onion Routers.
> Login
> Enter Passcode
… Biometric scan Confirmed.
Connected to <error:>
“’It’ll be easy’ is the most dangerous phrase in the world.”

Welcome to ShadowSEA, a repository and network of knowledge by Shadowrunners, for Shadowrunners. What follows is a collection of all knowledge relating to the careers of the Runners known as Fox, Fred, and Playboy.

Team Status and Reputation: The Team’s standing with the community in general, and specific factions.

Merc and Runner Contracts: The Different Runners and Goons that the party can hire through Zealot.

Safehouses: There are a number of unlockable safehouses depending on who the team is working for. This is a list of the potential ones for quick reference and interest.

Benefits and Disadvantages: The different abilities, favors, and disadvantages related to the Team’s Rep and achievements.

Shadows on the Horizon

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