A deft hand with a wrench, and a sharp eye for conspiracy, Gimli is Fox's dwarven adoptive father


Gimli Maurer, AKA “Gearshift”, is an extremely gifted mechanic. A grease stained beard and a worn utility jumpsuit are the typical defining features of this cocky dwarf.

Gimli is no stranger to the shadowrun community, having provided drone and vehicle repairs to a significant portion of them. As such, Gimli is essentially untouchable, since half the shadowrunning community of Seattle owe him favors. Gimli took in Fox when her parents vanished at a young age.

Fox quickly outgrew Gimli, topping his lean 2’ 7" within a year or two. Fox picked up her love of drones from Gimli, and the two maintain a close relationship. Gimli is a noted conspiracy theorist, mostly because he has seen so many conspiracies come true in his years.

-Specialties – Drones, Vehicles, Repairs, Conspiracies


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