Quick with a scalpel and a bandage, Nightshade runs a black clinic in Seattle's underbelly.


One of Fred’s med school classmates, Sylvia J. Marable, AKA “Nightshade” is one of Fred’s contacts in Seattle. One of Fred’s few friends, Nightshade was a classmate of Fred’s in the University of Washington‘s Med School campus. While Fred dropped out to pursue her study of Magic following her awakening, Sylvia stayed in and graduated the following year. Sylvia gained some notoriety as a doctor at Seattle General Hospital, but quit and setup a black clinic when she realized the money was significantly better in the black sector. She is responsible for finding and installing Playboy’s implants on Fred’s request.

Contrary to what you might expect, Nightshade isn’t the typical grizzled black clinic doctor. Nightshade is almost a creepily perky house wife outside of work, reminiscent of the Stepford Wives. High heels, society parties, and home baked cookies almost succeed in making you forget that Sylvia spends all day putting robot arms into go-ganger trolls.

-Specialties – Cyberimplants, Surgery, High Society, Baking


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