Oistein Bjorno

Outspoken, Charismatic, and comparatively agile, Oistein Bjorno is the current leader of Sjornland


The current ruler of Sjornland, Oistein Bjorno, or as he now goes by, The Stor Leder, (The Great Leader), is a comparatively thin troll with white gold hair and sharply curved tusks. Oistein seized control from the previous ruler of the nation, President Johnathon Arnessen, Alexander’s father in a bloody coup on September.23, 2070. Pledging to bring equality for all metahumans under his reign, and to quash the elf-centric doctrine of the previous administration, Oistein has a lot of support in the Ork, troll, and dwarf segments of the population.

Oistein’s politics seem to be based off socialist policies, preaching equality for the different races in the country, but not to the same extent as communism, as he still supports private business. It helps that this allows him to live in the previous president’s mansion without seeming a hypocrite.

Oistein claims to be quite open with his people, and frequently does public interest pieces on his hobby, sculpting. One of his largest works, a statue of Kristiansand’s founder, stands in front of the City Hall.

Oistein Bjorno

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