Tag: Locations


  • Sjornland

    The country of Sjornland, a small nation in the south of what was once Norway, has always been little more than a curiousity to the international community. A predominantly elven nation, with around 5% human, and less than 1% other races, there has been a …

  • University of Washington

    The University of Washington, in [[Seattle]], is the largest post-secondary institution in Seattle in 2072. [[:fred|Fred]] went to the med school campus, and almost finished before dropping out to pursue a more esoteric career choice. [[zealot|Zealot]] …

  • Seattle General Hospital

    Seattle's largest hospital, Seattle General is the former employer of the black clinic doctor, [[:nightshade|Nightshade]], and the current employer of Fred's enemy, [[:tia-fields|Tia Fields]].

  • Infinity Nightclub

    *Excerpt from Infinity's Matrix-site: Covered on such trids as "Xscape from the Ordinary" and "100 places to go before you're killed" Infinity is Seattle's top Novahot Club! Whether you are looking to hang with your chummers, jander out with a fine …