Ares Macrotechnology

Ares Macrotechnology is the stereotypical American corporation, with their focus on cars, guns, the military, heavy industry, and apple pie. They also own Knight-Errant, the second largest private security company in the world, after Lone Star.

10: Armed and Extremely Dangerous: Receive Ares Warmech.

9: Heavily Armored: Can get Ares Armor for free.

8: Assault Gunner: Vehicle Weaponry costs 50% less, free installation.

7: Artillery Coordinator: Heavy Weaponry is 50% off, Ammo is free.

6: Deadeye: Receive Ares Nomad Armored SUV.

5: Spec Ops: Knight-Errant will not intervene in your missions unless your ask them to.

4: Motor Pool: Get Ares Rep as contact (Connection 3)

3: Permit Required: Gain access to Knight-Errant Radio.

2: Lightly Armed: Grenades/Demolition Equipment cost 25% less.

1: Spare Clips: Ammo for all conventional guns costs 25% less.

0: Neutral: No Benefits.

-2: Reloading: All ammo costs 25% more.

-4: Dropped the Clip: Standard Weapons not bought on the Black Market cost 25% more.

-6: Fumbled a Grenade: Banned from buying Ares Vehicles.

-8: Friendly Fire: Ares Security and Employees shoot on sight.

-10: Defector: Ares Plausible Deniability Teams are set to find and kill the team.

Ares Macrotechnology

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