Masters of PR, if you’ve bought a snack or a consumer good, then you’ve probably given your money to Aztechnology. Based in the heart of Aztlan, this company has an impressive rep with everyone but the shadows. Too many evil conspiracies and blood magic they say. Pays well though, and mages usually become very powerful in their employ.

10: Blood Mage: Inducted into the Inner Circle. Unlock Power Overwhelming Missions.

9: Leviathan Scales: 1/Month can learn 1 free spell above limit, no karma cost.

8: Enhanced Interrogation: Gain Blood Mage Lodge Safehouse.

7: Nerve Gas: 1/3 Months Can have Nerve Gas deployed in operation area 3hr prior to job.

6: Military Grade Survival Kit: 1/Month can have company mages perform ritual magic for you.

5: Consumer Drugs: Lifestyles of any level above Low cost 40% less.

4: Coffee-Maker: Can reduce Public Awareness by your Aztechnology rank, due to their skill at obscuring public opinion.

3: Trideo-Game: Gain Aztechnology Rep as a contact (Connection 3)

2: Energy Drink: Can Buy Property on Aztechnology Land, protected by Aztechnology security forces.

1: Bag of Chips: All Consumer Goods cost 50% less.

0: Broke: No Benefits.

-2: Bled Dry: All Consumer Goods are double cost.

-4: Atheist: Lifestyle Costs higher than Street cost 25% more.

-6: Revolutionary: Aztechnology Mages aid your other enemies in finding you via magic.

-8: Rebel: Aztechnology Troops and Employees shoot on sight.

-10: Spirit Bane: Blood Mages are deployed to eliminate the runners.


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