Benefits and Disadvantages

This page is a quick-reference guide to the different abilities, contacts, and disadvantages the team has available to them.


  • Zealot: Human Fixer: Negotiation, Shadowrunning Jobs, Instruction, Connection 3, Loyalty 1
  • Nabo: Orc Rocker: Music Industry, Illegal Drugs, Orc Underground, Connection 3, Loyalty 2
  • Trevor: Orc Mage: Spirits, Crime Syndicates, South Pacific, Connection 2, Loyalty 1
  • Bladzer: Human Gilette: Blades, Vehicles, Redmond Barrens: Connection 1, Loyalty 1
  • Nightshade: Human Doctor: Surgery, Cybertechnology, Socialite, Connection 3, Loyalty 1 (4 for Fred)
  • Gearshift: Dwarf Mechanic: Mechanical, Drone Construction, Shadowrunning, Connection 3, Loyalty 2 (6 for Rosie)
  • Disc: Human BTL Dealer: BTL’s, Get-Rich Quick Schemes, Underworld, Connection 2, Loyalty 2
  • Hoye Evenrud: Elf Diplomat: Diplomacy, Fashion, International Affairs, Connection 3, Loyalty 1 (4 for Playboy)


  • Tia Fields: Human Doctor: Fred’s vicious med school rival, now a surgeon at Seattle General. Connection 4, Incidence 3
  • Jens Ellison: Elf Nightclub Owner: Owner of Infinity Nightclub, offended by her fighting in his bar and hurting his image. Connection 2, Incidence 1
  • Oistein Bjorno: Troll Dictator: Current Ruler of Sjornland, killed Playboy’s family. Connection 5, (11 if in Sjornland), Incidence 4.
  • Darius St. George: Horizon Talent Scout and Exec.: Employed runner team, who then refused to finish the job; delivering the final works of former musician JetBlack.


  • Mafia: Drugs and Vices cost 10% less.
  • Saeder-Krupp: Magical Foci and Fetishes cost 15% less. Can use SK Training Facilities for Weapon Skills, reducing time and nuyen costs by 50%
  • Ares Macrotech: Special ammo for conventional, street available guns costs 25% less.



  • Wuxing: International Travel Costs 10% more.

Benefits and Disadvantages

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