Beverly Hills Penthouse

An exquisite penthouse in the trendiest part of Beverly Hills, this safehouse exudes wealth and cutting edge.

Rent: N/A But the general extravagances of the lifestyle costs 10,000 Nuyen each month.

Neccessities: Luxury: You want food? Cooked up by your own in-suite chef. Water? Fresh from the glaciers of the Alps! Your clothing is soft, sleek, and slightly bullet resistant, in case you wat to get shot while wearing a designer house coat.

Entertainment: Luxury: Parties, women, drugs, liquor, training drones for when you want to be serious. Huge library of trids and books, whatever you want, you got it.

Security: Middle: You got some anti-paparazzi camera neutralizers, some bodyguards to prevent the press from getting in, and a nice sturdy lock. Main weakness is everyone knows where it is, and everyone wants to get into the parties that are held here.

Neighborhood: Luxury: Designer clothes, bright white teeth, tourists, and the heart of UCAS culture. Hard to get ritzier than this.

Comforts: Look at that window. It’s inlaid with diamond flecks so you can get rainbows on the lion fur carpet. That bed? Special design by french designer Francois.

Parking: Chauffeurs take your vehicles to a nearby secure parking garage, and will pick you up from the lobby at a moments notice.



  • Rad Pad: This place is so fancy and impressive that all social tests in the penthouse get a +2 modifier.
  • Candyman: Ask him, and he can find it for you. Guns, drugs, food, vehicles, delivered to your suite, with only a 25% delivery fee. Probably can’t get a tank, but that’s about it.
  • Stunt Doubles: Your fixer has found people that look a lot like you, to serve as doubles, distracting people trying to find you, and allowing you to send them in your place if necessary.


  • Loud Neighborhood: This is downtown LA, the town only sleeps if everyone is hit with nerve gas.
  • Crash Pad: Every time you turn around, it seems some other B-Lister or Flavour of the Week is crashing on your couch.
  • No Privacy: The life of a celeb is a harsh one, and pretty much anyone can find you and know what you are doing.

Beverly Hills Penthouse

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