Blood Mage Lodge

An unusual magical haven, located in the shadow of an ancient dormant volcano in the heart of Aztlan. Whether it’s ley-lines, wizardly enchantments, or the hand of a god, this haven magnifies the ability of any mage in the area.

Rent: N/A

Necessities: Middle: The lodge is rather remote, requiring a short boat or helicopter flight, or long car ride, from the nearest town, so the food and water situation is mostly food meant to be long-lasting and durable. Electricity is provided by bound spirits beneath the compound.

Entertainment: High: For non-magic users, there’s a beach, hiking, spelunking, and a large library of exotic books. For mages, there are all sorts of astral diversions.

Security: High: Physical security is almost non-existent here, with no guards, no cameras, and only the lightest of walls and gates to keep out wild animals. The Security here is almost entirely magical, with wards and bound spirits covering the majority of the compound.

Neighborhood: N/A. Jungle.

Comforts: Middle: The beds are large, and reasonably cozy. Some smaller spirits handle maintenance and cooking.

Parking: There’s a clearing inside the compound for landing a helicopter or a VTOL craft, and a dock a short walk down from the compound where 3 boats could dock. A long straight beach allows smaller fixed wing craft to land/take off.



  • Middle of Nowhere: No one is likely to find you, and if they do, at least you’ll know what they are there for immediately.
  • Aspected Domain: This place is made for Blood Mages, giving a +2 Modifier to all Blood Mages while on the property.
  • Magician on Staff: The property is maintained by a trio of resident Blood Mages, who aid the team if asked.


  • Fresh Meat: The magical energies of the volcano has mutated the local wildlife, making them much more aggressive and bizarre.
  • Haunted: Blood mages have a habit of sacrificing people for power, and sometimes, those violent deaths leave behind echos and spirits.

Blood Mage Lodge

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