A Towering Saeder-Krupp Tower dominating the city of Leipzig, this is one of the regional hubs for SK’s influence. The lower sections of the Citadel are manufacturing and industrial works, while the upper levels provide a haven for SK’s runners and soldiers. If the team gain’s SK’s trust, they are given access to a suite as guests of the Citadel.

Rent: N/A

Necessities: Luxury: Your wardrobe is full of armored clothing. Your food is ready for you each morning when you get up. Water and electricity are guaranteed, and your weapons are repaired and rearmed for free.

Entertainment: Middle: You can find things to entertain you, there are firing ranges, sparring areas, libraries, magical study areas, drone repair, car reconstruction etc. Most entertainment is practically focused.

Security: Luxury: No one tries to break into the Citadel. You’re either allowed in, or you are shot dead on spot. Cameras, drones, spirits, drakes, matrix spiders, wards, everything.

Neighborhood: Low: An industrial district. There aren’t too many thugs, only because people are terrified of living in the Citadel’s shadow.

Comforts: Middle: Practicality is the watchword here. Gilded mirrors? Frivolous. Drugs? Inefficient. Heirlooms? Rarely necessary.

Parking: Each runner may bring two vehicles, be they water, air, ground, or even sub-orbital.



  • Armory: Each runner may take out 2 weapons of their choice at a time, and ammo is given at a discount.
  • Security Conscious: Cover and other defensive features are easy to find. On the off chance the citadel were invaded, it can even restructure itself to become more
  • Workplace: There is a large construction area below the residential areas of the Citadel, allowing runners to purchase the goods from the manufacturer directly, or order them themselves.


  • Dragon Owned: Once living at the Citadel, any action taken that hinders Lofwyr’s interests is seen as treason, and Citadel security will happily gun down the team.
  • Obvious: While the Citadel is hard to get into, it’s easy to find out who is living there. Tests made to find the team have their threshold reduced by 2.
  • Astrally warded: Any magic used outside the designated areas is investigated within 1d6 minutes by a Citadel wage-mage and security crew.


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