Evo Corporation

A company with it’s mind towards the future, Evo has their mind on Cyberware, Bioware, Metahumanity, and, last but not least, Interplanetary pursuits. Evo is the first corporation to establish a permanent colony on Mars. Evo owns Crash Cart, Doc Wagon’s chief competitor.

10: Homo Superior: Receive Orbital Evo Safehouse.

9: Cyborg: Receive Russian Sukoi Sylph Jet Fighter.

8: Genetically Engineered: 1/Year 1 Free Cultured Bioware, Deltaware Grade.

7: Deep Space Capable: Fare on Suborbital/Space worthy craft is reduced by 75%, Can gain satellite surveillance of almost any location on earth.

6: Chromed: 1/3 month Receive 1 free basic cyberware part/accessory.

5: Regrown: 1 Month Free Crash Cart Pickup and Revival.

4: Augmented: Cyberware Costs are reduced by 1 grade (I.E. Betaware costs the same as Alphaware)

3: Conditioned: Gain Evo Rep as a contact (Connection 3)

2: Upgraded: Metahuman alteration costs are free (Alter a car to fit a dwarf sized driver seat, etc.)

1: Basic: Hospital Costs are reduced by 15%.

0: Normal: No Benefits.

-2: Mortal: Cyber and Bioware cost 25% more.

-4: Bleeding: Cyber and Bioware above Betaware are unavailable commercially.

-6: Meatsack: Evo Clinics and Hospitals, Docwagon, cost double.

-8: Luddite: Kill-Switch: 10% chance for any new Cyberware/Bioware to be destroyed instantly upon installation.

-10: Eco-Terrorist: Evo dispatches Orbital Drop Troops to assault the team.

Evo Corporation

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