Fortified Police Safehouse

A place where Lone Star keeps it’s witnesses and snitches when they need protection, this place is a great place to lie low when the Gangs or Corps come crying for your blood. Just don’t piss off the owners.

Rent: N/A

Necessities: Low: It’s a hole in the wall apartment, and it’s supposed to be. It’s not glamorous, but you’ll live.

Entertainment: Low: Look, witnesses are normally only here for a few days. There’s some novels, a few trid-chips, and it looks like a previous occupant left some weights.

Security: Luxury: Monitored by Lone Star, with fortified walls and windows, and a squad of men in the apartment next door running security. Cameras, spy-drones, and the welcome mat has a flashbang concealed under it. It’d take an army to take this place.

Neighborhood: Low: Redmond Barrens aren’t very nice, but that’s the point. Lone Star owns this block, and no one is going to come in to try to take what they view as an empty slum.

Comforts: Medium: You’re going to be sleeping or sitting a lot while you’re here, so at least the furniture is soft, if bland, and you have some drones to pick up anything you need.

Parking: None. You are brought here, and you don’t see exactly where you are.



  • Hidden: No one out of Lone Star should know where this place is, and it shows. You go here, you aren’t found. Hopefully. Threshold to discover this safehouse increased by 4.
  • Security Conscious: This house is made to be impregnable, but if someone does get in, it’s very easy to defend as well, with cover and high ground easy to come by.
  • Mr. Johnson’s Neighborhood: Threshold to discover this safehouse increased by 2, unless the Johnson or his associates are trying to get at you, in which case it is reduced by 5.


  • Hotel California: Once the front door is sealed, it doesn’t re-open until the time period set in runs out.
  • Weak Network: The network here is pretty minor, increasing the interval of all extended matrix tests by 4 when operating from this house, and lowering all response of devices by 2 when used in the building.

Fortified Police Safehouse

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