Infinity Nightclub

Excerpt from Infinity’s Matrix-site: Covered on such trids as “Xscape from the Ordinary” and “100 places to go before you’re killed” Infinity is Seattle’s top Novahot Club! Whether you are looking to hang with your chummers, jander out with a fine looking specimen of your species of choice, or just get properly fragged, Infinity is the place for you!

Review on ShadowSEA by an anonymous user: Owner’s a damn dandelion eter, the peple are mostly horny corpkids, and the building is a fire waiting to happen. Would rather spon a lathe.

Address: 216 Union Street, Downtown Seattle

One of the more popular nightclubs in Seattle, Infinity sits on the outskirts of downtown. Featuring the latest top 40 hits, the Infinity is one of the top places for wageslaves and corpkids to go on a night away from the arcology.

Fred went there early in her stay in Seattle, with less than pleasant results, making enemies of the owner Jens Ellison, who put out a bounty on her head.

The party’s first meet with a Mr.Johnson took place here.

Infinity Nightclub

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