Interpol Safehouse

A well concealed and fortified suburban safehouse run by Interpol as a place to keep high-risk witnesses safe.

Rent: N/A

Necessities: Medium: Since the house is setup to appear to be as bland and suburban as possible, it doesn’t have anything more than you might expect in a normal corporate wage-slave’s home. Water, electricity, competent wi-fi coverage.

Entertainment: Medium: Some high-ish trid subscriptions, a rec room, and some basic entertainments. Since the safehouse isn’t meant to keep witnesses for incredibly long periods of time, Interpol hasn’t put too much time into entertainment.

Security: High: This is where the safehouse shows it’s strengths. High end locks on all doors and windows, cameras monitored by Interpol agents monitoring the property 24/7, and a matrix spider protecting the home’s network.

Neighborhood: Medium: Suburbia. Green lawn, neighbors who hold BBQs, White Picket fence.

Comforts: Medium: Mass-produced by comfortable furniture. A professional paint job on the walls, with AR transmitters in the walls. Some small drones maintain the house.

Parking: A 2 Car Garage and a driveway with room for 2 more.



  • Inconspicuous Housing: This house is made to be impossible to find. Convoluted roadways, a cul-de-sac of virtually identical houses, and the best obfuscation Matrix security money can buy. The threshold to find this place in both the real world and on the matrix is increased by 2.
  • Privacy Screen 2: There are hedges, trees, and fences obscuring much of the house, making observation of the house from outside difficult. Perception tests to observe the house have their threshold increased by 2.
  • Well-Made: Storms, Droughts, and Heat Waves don’t affect the people within at all, the fortified windows and well-insulated walls keep everyone inside comfortable.


  • Under a Rock: To keep the witnesses safe, they impose a strict media blackout. No contacting contacts, checking the news, or anything like that.

Interpol Safehouse

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