Low Rent Loft

The party’s starting home, a small 3 bedroom apartment on the edge of the Redmond Barrens.

Rent: LP 11 = 2600 Nuyen/Month

Necessities: Low – 2LP – Most of the food is Soy based, water and electricity are constant, if of dubious quality, and the walls aren’t collapsing. Wi-fi coverage is available, but weak. There’s enough room for all three people to live, but not super comfortably.

Entertainment: Low – 2LP – A few trid shows, occasional trips to the bar, and some pet food for the dog.

Security: Low – 2LP – A sturdy electric lock, and a deadbolt, and the building is guarded by a low level go-gang most of the time.

Neighborhood: Low – 2LP – Most people here live in apartments, running in gangs, working in factories, or burning their time in low-paid wage slave positions. Not the nicest, but you’re probably not going to get mugged walking down the street.

Comforts: Low – 2LP – Some second-hand furniture, beds, a subscription to a wall-space program to allow some AR modifying of the apartment.

Parking: Unsecured lot next to the building.



  • Hasty Exit: A fire escape accessible from the kitchen provides an easy escape from the apartment in a single Combat Turn barring any interference. 2LP
  • Inconspicuous Housing: The apartment is a bland copy of every other in the area. The threshold to find the place is increased by 2. 2LP


  • Defective CHN: The Central Home Network is glitching out. It cleans and maintains the house on Dehli time, and if a fire is detected, it makes a cup of coffee. -1LP
  • Trigger-Happy Landlord: Don’t be late on the rent. The landlord will be knocking on your door if you’re even 30 minutes behind, and will have Lone Star here to boot you out if you’re a day late. -1LP
  • Worse Neighbors: The floor below the apartment is routinely used as a meeting house by the Humanis Policlub. -1LP

Low Rent Loft

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