With their roots in the Italian Mob, the Seattle Mafia has a strong focus towards tradition, family, and of course, running the protection racket.

10: Godfather: Gain the Don of Seattle as a contact (Connection 6)

9: Boss: 1/4 Months call in a hit on a target.

8: Underboss: 1/Month can deploy Mafia Hit Squad.

7: Consigliere: Gain Mafia Yacht as safehouse/vehicle.

6: Capo: Gain access to Blackmail materials on high-value targets.

5: Made Man: Offered membership in the Mafia itself, gain Street Cred and Negotiation.

4: Soldier: Gain Access to Protection Racket Missions. Team recieves cash each month.

3: Mook: Gain Mafia Capo as contact (Connection 3)

2: Bagman: 1/Month hire a Mafia member to aid the party on the next job.

1: Associate: Get a 10% discount on drugs/alcohol/other vices.

0: Mark: No Benefits.

-2: Barracuda: Vices cost 25% more.

-4: Broken: Mafia shoot on sight.

-6: Chased: Mafia put out a hit on an ally of the party.

-8: Clipped: Mafia shoot on sight at team.

-10: Iced: The Five Families have dispatched several teams to destroy the runners.


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