Wuxing Inc. control a majority of all banking and finance in the Sixth World. As such, they have significant assets that they use to reward their allies and runners, when official congratulations are unwise. This mansion, previously belonging to a Shiawase Exec who vanished under mysterious circumstances, was foreclosed on by Wuxing, and has come into their possession to do with as they will.

Rent: N/A

Necessities: Luxury: The fountains take a second to start up, and the In-house church is still being dusted off, but otherwise, this building is the picture of corporate wealth.

Entertainment: Luxury: A bowling alley, a giant library, an observatory, a go-kart track, and a ballroom, this mansion has everything!

Security: High: Large walls, a well-secured gate, and sturdy windows. The main problem with the Mansion’s security is it’s sheer size.

Neighborhood: High: A gated community in the heart of Seattle’s wealthier districts. The neighbors are rather snooty, but given the size of the properties, you almost never need to see them!

Comforts: High: Everything here is exquisite, but is definitely the corporate idea of wealthy, and all seems a little tacky, if expensive.

Parking: A giant garage houses 12 cars, a small airstrip at the back allows aircraft with a short landing area to land, and the Go-kart track has 6 small karts stocked.



  • Escape Tunnel: In the church in the house, there is an escape tunnel under the Altar.
  • Privacy Screen 2: The high walls and trees lining the property impart a -2 penalty on any attempts to observe the house.
  • Resonance Well: This home seems to draw all manner of sprites, technomancers, and even AI. Why remains to be seen.


  • Living by Committee: The gated community has very exacting standards, if home maintenance is missed, or a weekly meeting is skipped, they will pass an annoying rule just to get back at you. Too many transgressions can get the neighborhood riled up and willing to do anything to get you out.
  • Lax Security: There are windows everywhere, the wall isn’t really that high, and the gated community’s security forces are barely awake most of the time.
  • No Forwarding Address: Creditors, debtors, and angry exs keep showing up looking for the Shiawase Exec that owned the mansion.


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