Merc and Runner Contracts

This page lists the different runners, mercs, goons, and hirelings the team has access to through Zealot or other means.


1. Name: Monk Sex: F Skills: Etiquette, Pistols (Holdout), Pilot Groundcraft (Motorcycle) Cost: 10,000 Nuyen a job.

2. Name: Captain Justice Sex: M Skills: Pilot Exotic Vehicle (Jetpack), Unarmed Combat, Counterspelling Cost: 15,000 Nuyen a job.

3. Name: BLAM! Sex: M Skills: Longarms (Shotgun), Leadership, Running Cost: 18,000 Nuyen a job.

4. Name: Pigeon Sex: F Skills: Heavy Weapons (Mortar), Exotic Weapon (Flamethrower), Demolitions Cost: 25,000 Nuyen a job.

5. Name: Nate Sex: M Skills: Infiltration, Shadowing, Hardware Cost: 36,000 Nuyen a job.

6. Name: Zealot Sex: M Skills: Demolition, Disguise, Con Cost: 60,000 Nuyen a job.


1. Helidrop: 5000 Nuyen per person, plus danger pay if a hot drop.


Merc and Runner Contracts

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