Obsolete Military Installation

Located on a small island a few hours cruise to the north of Seattle, this old military base was recently closed by the UCAS Military due to budget cuts. Rather than destroy it, they have chosen to lend it to their allies as a staging point.

Rent: N/A, but 5000 Nuyen a month for maintenance/fuel for generators.

Necessities: High: Removed from the mainland power and water grids, the base has it’s own systems to provide water and electricity. A UCAS Military Uplink provides secure access to the Matrix. Several buildings provide shelter for the team and their supplies. 4LP

Entertainment: High: A rec area, a shooting range, a gym, and a small theatre to keep the garrisoned troops entertained, entertainment is fairly easily come by, but is not copious. 4LP

Security: Luxury; An electric fence topped with razor wire, a radar station to detect incoming aircraft, a fortified wharf, security maglocks, and several heavy drones that patrol inside the fence. 6LP

Neighborhood: Low: An otherwise uninhabited island, this military installation was built specifically to be outside the public’s view.

Comforts: Medium: The officer’s quarters is reasonably comfortable, while the barracks is a large room with a series of cots. Some maintenance drones handle repairs on the base.

Parking: Since it is an island, there are few places to park cars even if they could get there. However, there is a helipad for a helicopter/VTOL craft, and the fortified wharf can dock 2 medium size boats.



  • Free Access: The UCAS Military uplink makes all attempts to trace the team via the Matrix have their threshold increased by 2, unless the tracer is in the UCAS Military.
  • No Neighbors: No one is around for miles, hopefully.
  • Security Conscious: The base is designed to be easily defended. Full and partial cover are easy to find, and enemies attacking the base have a hard time gaining an advantage.


  • Affiliated: The entire base is still monitored by the UCAS Military, so keeping what you are doing hidden from them will be difficult.
  • Obvious: The military installation wasn’t off-the-books, and as such, can be easily found by anyone who knows to look, both on the Matrix and in the real world.

Obsolete Military Installation

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