Off-Shore Platform

An old automated Drilling Platform a few miles off the coast from Seattle. Once the well was tapped out, the platform was abandoned, but now has been repurposed to be a safehouse.

Rent: N/A, but Maintenance is 7500 Nuyen a month.

Necessities: High: An after-market desalinator provides a limitless supply of water, geothermal vents provide all the electricity you’d need, and fish are easily caught by the maintenance/comfort drones. Matrix access is stable, via the Drone Command Uplink.

Entertainment: Middle: Some small parts of the living quarters has some entertainment, but it’s hard to cram much onto a drilling platform. Going out for a drink is a bit difficult as well.

Security: Luxury: The matrix node and drones are virtually hack-proof. There’s only one staircase up from the water’s surface, and the two anti-air guns prevent aerial assault. The drones keep watch and repel intruders when the team is not present.

Neighborhood: N/A. The fish next door are a bit racist, but it rarely comes up.

Comforts: Middle: It was all put in after the fact, but the best that can be said about the comforts of the oil rig is that it is cozy.



  • Inaccessible: You’d have to be a dolphin to get here without a boat, and even then, there’s only a single staircase leading up to the platform proper, with it being covered by two autonomous drone turrets.
  • Alternate Power Source: Geothermal vents power the platform, making it virtually guaranteed to always have electricity.
  • Cutting Edge: Despite being an old platform, all the drones and devices have been updated to make it a sleek safehouse. All devices have their rating improved by 1.


  • Weathered: The sea is a harsh mistress, and strong storms often lash the platform.
  • Remote: Reaching the platform costs a fair amount, and maintenance and supplies cost extra due to the long distance they need to travel.

Off-Shore Platform

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