Orbital Evo Habitat

A medium sized orbital habitat/lab, it takes a shuttle to get up here, which is both a good and bad thing. Evo created this prototype habitat to provide an extra-territoral research lab/safehouse for their higher ups.

Rent: N/A, but requires shuttle fee and scheduling to reach each time.

Necessities: Luxury: When you’re in space, you can’t afford to be short on things. Evo spared no expense, providing several types of power generation, water recycling, food creation, and every other requirement. Matrix access is almost instant, due to the ease of connecting to the communication satellites orbiting the earth.

Entertainment: Middle: There’s a rec room, a gym, a small theater, and a library, but it’s still space. Going out for a drink is remarkably difficult at this altitude.

Security: Luxury: There are sensors all over the station, and cameras in just as many places. There are few guards, though most staff have some training, since it’s hard to break into a space station.

Neighborhood: N/A. It’s space.

Comfort: Middle: The beds are competent, there are some light corporate approved decoration, and the design is made to be ergonomic. There has even been effort made to make it less unsettling/fatal for awakened occupants, though their spell casting will still suffer from being in the beginnings of outer space.

Parking: 2 docking ports for orbital craft.



  • Work Space: There are 3 labs on the station, available for use, a mechanical lab, a chemical lab, and a lab met to analyze awakened reactions to outer space.
  • Homegrown Farming: The station has 2 biopods capable of growing produce of their own accord.
  • Alternative energy: The station has hydrogen fuel cells for main power, as well as solar panels to catch the sun’s energy.


  • Hostile Environment: Damage to the habitat may result in rapid death due to the vacuum of space and the danger of being in orbit.
  • Remote: If there’s a problem, help is a long ways away, even with modern space faring tech.
  • Outer Space: Awakened characters cannot cast spells or astrally project. Any attempt to do so may prove fatal, or at least drive them insane.

Orbital Evo Habitat

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