Russian Mob

The Russian Mob in Seattle operate on a strict Hierarchical system, and are the primary controllers of the Black Market, Smuggling, and the Drug Trade.

10: Pakhan: Gain Russian Mob Inner Circle as Contact (Connection 6)

9: Krestrii Otets: Recieve Ex-Military Tigerhawk Gunship Helicopter.

8: Sovietnik: 1/Month Russian Demolition Squad can be deployed.

7: Obshchak: Gain Russian Warehouse Safehouse.

6: Brigadier: Can be inducted into Russian Mob, gain tattoos of exploits, gain +2 Street Reputation and Notoriety.

5: Boyevik: Smuggling Racket, Team recieves a cut of smuggling profits every month.

4: Kryshas: Gain Access to Drug Trafficking.

3: Torpedo: Gain one of the following (AVC-7.62 Battle Rifle, Lockheed Arachne Spider Drone w/ Silenced Single Shot Sniper Rifle Mount, or Victorinox Smart Staff (Morphing Melee Weapon)

2: Byki: Chop Shop: Can bring exotic stolen ground vehicles to a chop shop to sell them.

1: Shestyorka: 1/Month can hire a Russian Mob member to provide support for a job.

0: Grazhdanskiy: No Benefits.

-2: Nepriyatnost: Black Market Items cost 15% more.

-4: Tsel: Russian saboteurs will tamper with team vehicles if left unsecured.

-6: Vrag: Black Market availability of items increases by 6F

-8: Nenavistnyy: Russian Mob Members shoot on sight.

-10: Snerti: The Russian Mob dispatches elite ex-russian military teams to destroy as much of the Team’s assets as possible.

Russian Mob

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