Skyscraper Penthouse

NeoNET treats it’s VIPs well, and have this Ultra-sleek Post Modern Skyscraper Penthouse for use by their treasured friends. Located in Downtown Seattle, this penthouse has a lovely view of the entire city.

Rent: N/A

Necessities: Luxury: Every whim is catered too. You have the fastest possible Matrix access shy of living in the Matrix itself. The drones can prepare an exquisite three course meal and serve you the finest wines in a heartbeat.

Entertainment: Luxury: With easy access to the Downtown bars and clubs, a large home theatre system meant to entertain scores of guests, and a speaker system the size of a small building, the Penthouse allows easy entertainment.

Security: High: Matrix Security is air tight, the building is watched by security guards, and there are cameras set up all around the penthouse. None inside of course, NeoNET understands the true value of privacy.

Neighborhood: High: The building caters to only the most discerning of clients, and the Downtown area is already tightly patrolled to keep out the riff-raff.

Comforts: Luxury: Ultra-Sleek, Ultra-Modern, Ultra everything, this safehouse has top of the line everything!

Parking: The automated underground parkade has 4 parking spots for any size ground vehicle, which are kept in their own secure slot when not in use.



  • Ultramodern: Everything is sleek and new! Device Ratings increase by 1.
  • Shoemaker: NeoNET has provided a skilled tech that can craft you new identities to cover for any, “indiscretions”. The downside is that NeoNET knows all these new identities themselves.
  • In Tune: The resonance is particularly strong in this building, with all technomancer skills recieving +2 while in the building.


  • Racist Neighbors: Only the “Right” sort are tolerated around here. This building is full of rich, white, and pompous tenants.
  • Affiliated: NeoNET owns this building, and keep track of all your comings, goings, guests, and enemies.
  • This is not Big Bob’s Auto: The number for this suite is one digit off from Big Bob’s in Redmont, and you recieve calls for them at all times of the day or night.

Skyscraper Penthouse

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