Team Status and Reputation

“Reputation is one of the most important things here in the shadows. You may be the best fraggin’ hacker in all of Seattle, but if no one knows that, you ain’t gonna make a single nuyen.” Zealot.

This page details the Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness of the different team members, as well as the groups standing with the different major factions their actions have involved.

Street Cred: How well known and accomplished a character is. Total Karma Earned/10 Rounded Normally. Used as a bonus to social dice pool where rep is important and known.

Notoriety: The negative side of a character’s rep, how difficult to work with, untrustworthy, or stupid mistakes. Modified by Notoriety Modifiers. Can be used in some positive ways, since notorious people are scarier/more unpredictable, but less likely to be viewed as professional runners.

Public Awareness: How well known the character is out of the shadows. This might help you land a book deal on your shadowrunning exploits, but when trying to be a runner, might not be the best thing to be in the public eye. (Street Cred + Notoriety)/3 Rounded down, plus any other efforts the player has made to keep hidden from the public eye.

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Interpol: -1 – Civillian

UCAS Military: 0 – Civillian

Lone Star Security: 0 – Citizen

Organized Crime

Yakuza: 0 – Daremo

Russian Mob: 0 – Grazhdanskiy

Mafia: 1 – Associate


Ares Macrotechnology: 1 – Spare Clips

Aztechnology: 0 – Broke

Evo Corporation: 0 – Normal

Horizon: -1 – Audience

Mitsushama Computer Technologies: 0 – Empty

NeoNET: 0 – No Signal

Renraku Computer Systems: 0 – Outsider

Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries: 2 – Iguana

Shiawase Corporation: 0 – Unrelated

Wuxing Incorporated: -2 – In Remission

See Benefits and Disadvantages

Team Status and Reputation

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