UCAS Military

The UCAS Military is the primary Military Organization in North America, with their main force being based in what was once Eastern Canada and Eastern United States, as well as a reasonable force in their small enclave of Seattle.

10: General: Gain Leopard Main Battle Tank.

9: Colonel: Can call in Airstrike 1/month.

8: Major: Gain Seattle Division Brigadier General as contact (Connection 6)

7: Captain: Can Deploy Aerial Surveillance of target up to 3 days before run.

6: Lieutenant: Gain Obsolete Military Installation as Safehouse.

5: Warrant Officer: Can requisition military grade weapons/armor without worrying about availability/restriction.

4: Sergeant Major: Gain access to Spec Ops missions.

3: Sergeant: Lower Availability on military/heavy goods by 4

2: Corporal: Gain Military Liason (Connection 3) as contact.

1: Private: Can use Military labs for work (Armorer, Chemistry, Repairs, etc.)

0: Civillian: No Benefits.

-2: Potential Threat: Description distributed to Military Bases.

-4: Clear and Present Danger: Shot/Arrested on sight if approaching military base.

-6: Target of Opportunity: Military Units will actively hinder team objectives.

-8: Primary Target: Spec Ops Teams are dispatched to take down Team.

-10: Enemy of the State: Satellite Surveillance allows air strikes on team.

UCAS Military

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