Underground Vault

Renraku are masters of security, fortification, and advanced tech. This Underground Vault, located a short distance to the Northwest of Seattle, is the perfect fusion of these attributes. Buried almost half a kilometer underground, and accessed via either a hidden elevator is a small shack, or via a long fortified tube to allow ground vehicles access to the vault.

Necessities: Middle: Not fancy, but reliable. That sums up the main aesthetic of the vault. Your bed isn’t big, it isn’t too comfy, but you can still sleep.

Entertainment: High: There’s a library of trids, books, games, and music that is made to last decades in case of being sealed in the vault. There’s a gym, a theater, a music room, and even a fairly pleasant atrium.

Security: Luxury: Bomb-proof, Radiation-Proof, Toxin-proof, and infiltrator-proof. It would take years to cut through the main vault door once it’s closed, and that is the only part of the vault that’s even exposed to the outside world. Interior security is light, and the Matrix node is shielded by numerous high end countermeasures.

Neighborhood: Low: It’s in a small, unremarkable field in the middle of the farm lands in the NAN. Or more accurately, half a kilometer below it. Your neighbors are gophers.

Comforts: Middle: Nothing Fancy, but not uncomfortable. Livable, but not opulent.



  • Fortified: There is virtually nothing in the Sixth World that can get in once you close that vault door. Maybe a dragon casting spells at full force, but that’d still be difficult.
  • Remote: This vault is a well kept secret. Any attempts to find the team has the threshold increased by 2.
  • Home grown Farming: This vault can provide it’s own food and water indefinitely.


  • Network Bottleneck: Even with the best Matrix security, the day to day vault running ties up a lot of the resources, slowing response by 2.
  • Roommates: The team isn’t the only group using this lab, a scientific team also has their quarters down here, running different tests in the four labs in the vault.
  • The Building Time Forgot: It’s hard to upgrade a vault in any reasonable time span. All devices in the vault have their rating reduced by 1.

Underground Vault

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