A shipping warehouse that is used by the Russian Mob to house stolen merchandise, drugs, and whatever else needs storing. Given to their allies in recognition of their achievements, the warehouse is more built for profit and storage instead of a living space.

Rent: N/A, team gains 5% cut of all profits made by the goods siphoned through the warehouse.

Neccessities: Middle: The walls are thick, the lights are on, the water is running. There’s a small yet ornate office for meeting with people, and a break room so the drones working the warehouse can sit down for a few.

Entertainment: Variable: Typically none, but tell me that it wouldn’t be High if there were a Tank being smuggled through that you could take for a spin?

Security: High: The Russian Mob guards this warehouse very carefully, as it houses a good portion of their smuggled goods in Seattle.

Neighborhood: Low: Located down in the docks district, this warehouse is simply another large shell of a building fronting onto large ships.

Comforts: High: Mostly none, but in the ornate office overlooking the warehouse, the furnishings exude wealth and comfort.

Parking: Can fit 20 Large Vehicles, a helicopter on the roof, and 1 large ship out front.



  • Chop Shop: Exotic Vehicles can be brought here to be sold.
  • Contraband: If it can be found, it can be brought or bought here. Having the warehouse lowers the threshold of all availability tests by 6.
  • Parabellum: Everyone here is armed, and is willing to fight to defend the warehouse. 20 workers and 10 Russian Mob members are here at pretty much all hours of the day.


  • Not a home: No beds, a few couches, no TV’s aside from what’s being smuggled in. A few toilets for the workers, and an executive bathroom attached to the office.
  • Hell’s Waiting Room: Spending time here isn’t much fun, even in the opulent office, which is mostly used for serious business.


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