An exquisite yacht owned by the Mafia of Seattle, this boat seems to glide through the water with ease.

Rent: N/A But 7500 Nuyen a month for maintenance/supplies if not docking in Seattle.

Necessities: Medium: As high as you’re likely to get out at sea, but still lavish. Water, food, electricity, all of that works quite well.

Entertainment: High: A small library, a full bar, fishing and diving gear, heaps of pretty much every drug known to man, and a large number of trid-chips. Entertainment is easy to come by on the yacht.

Security: Medium: The crew carry side arms, and the boat has heavy locks on the different doors into the interior. There are four heavily armed enforcers that patrol the boat, and guard it when docked.

Neighborhood: N/A. It’s a boat.

Comforts: Luxury: The beds are like falling asleep on a cloud made of angels. That chair? Used to sit in the White House. That painting? Oh, it’s a little something called The Scream. The Mona Lisa didn’t fit the aesthetic of the room.

Parking: A small helicopter or VTOL can land on the helipad at the back of the Yacht.



  • Fully Stocked Bar: Entertaining guests and friends has never been easier!
  • Rad Pad: This yacht is the pinnacle of chic’. +2 to all Inimidation or Negotiation tests that occur on the Yacht once you own it.
  • Vehicle: This safehouse is mobile, and can move at a rate of around 10 knots due to the high-powered engine.


  • Remote: While it is hard to find, if trouble strikes, rescue is equally hard to obtain.
  • Network Bottleneck: The comms aren’t particularly high tech, and all tech has their response reduced to 2 while at sea.


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