Yakuza Safehouse

An ornately decorated home designed in a traditional Japanese style, the use of this safehouse is a gift only given to close friends of the Yakuza.

Rent: N/A

Necessities: High: Hooked into the main grid of Seattle, the home has all the utilities covered, especially water, as the many fountains scattered around the property require a lot.

Entertainment: High: Saunas, a garage to work on drones and vehicles, and a small menagerie of exotic animals keep this villa seeming quite fresh and new.

Security: High: A small cadre of elite Yakuza protect this property, including one Yakuza mage to prevent astral or awakened threats. Due to the clandestine nature of their work, this house is equipped with camera-disabling lasers and a motion sensor perimeter.

Neighborhood: High: Nestled in the heart of Bellevue, this villa is situated on a small hillock with a lovely view of the river and downtown.

Comforts: High: Relaxing and traditional, but particularly low tech. Mundane and Awakened characters will find this safehouse very relaxing, while Matrix users may be frustrated at the simplicity of the network.

Parking: A large 6 car garage.



  • Magician on Staff: A Yakuza mage is always on duty, and is willing to aid in any arcane or ritual spellcasting requirements.
  • Security Guards: Several Yakuza patrol the grounds, watching for intruders and riff-raff.
  • Feng Shui: The house and it’s surroundings are laid out in a way to make training and technical skills easy, giving a +3 bonus to Artisan, Technical Skills, and Instruction while in the home.


  • Obvious: This safehouse is well known to the community, and makes any tests to find the safe house decrease their threshold by 2.
  • Ambusher’s Delight: Between the paper walls, organic layout, and wide-open gardens, any defenders will have a hard time finding cover. Full and partial cover are rare when defending the home.
  • The Building Time Forgot: While the traditional sensibilities are beautiful, they are not conducive to aiding in computerized pursuits. All devices in the building have their rating reduced by 1.

Yakuza Safehouse

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