Shiawase Corp has a large fleet of airships under their control. It’s almost trivial for the different familial factions of the Corp to make an airship go missing, and show up in the possession of their favorite Shadowrunners.

Rent: N/A, 12000 Nuyen a month for Fuel/Maintenance/Supplies

Necessities: Middle: Food and water supplies are fairly well stocked, and the generator, when full, has enough fuel to generate power for 2 weeks.

Entertainment: Middle: There’s a lounge, with a bar, some books and trids, and a pool table, but it’s a little cramped.

Security: Luxury: The only ways onto the Airship is via a ladder, the small hangar at the back, or somehow getting into the bomb bay doors while they are open. The matrix uplink is constantly moving, making traces remarkably difficult. The three rotating gun turrets help discourage attacks from the air.

Neighborhood: N/A, you’re flying!

Comforts: Middle: Somewhat cramped, but functional.

Parking: One small hangar allowing a helicopter, VTOL, or short landing fixed wing aircraft.



  • Heavily Armed: The Zeppelin cargo bay has been retrofit to be a bomb bay, holding 6 large Vuurvliegje (Firefly) Incendiary Bombs.
  • Airborne: The safehouse is airborne, and can cruise at 125 kph as long as it’s engines have fuel.
  • Missle Defense System: The sensors of the Zeppelin automatically track missiles, and the turrets will shoot down incoming threats.


  • Obvious: An airship is remarkably hard to hide, and any attempts to find the team has it’s threshold reduced by 2.
  • Cramped: There is not enough room for much more than the runners, their basic equipment, and the food and water supplies on the Zeppelin.
  • Vulnerable: The airship is armored, but it is still a large target, and as such, is unlikely to hold up long in an extended firefight.


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