Anthony P. Hankin

A smug troll chiropractor, this hulking individual moonlights as a MAD techie at the Infinity Nightclub


Encountered by the party at the Infinity Nightclub in Seattle, Anthony P. Hankin was working the MAD device, and ran the weapon check room, where the party could drop their gear, and recover it when they exit. Originally content to just wave the party through, Playboy’s racist tendencies rose to the surface, and Anthony overheard a racial slur. Later, when Playboy returned to claim his Fichetti Security pistol, the troll made a big show of losing it, before handing it back all scuffed up, and with the 10 round clip curiously empty.

Playboy got in touch with one of his contacts, Disc and asked him to dig up some dirt on Anthony. For a fee, Disc found his address, his primary profession (Chiropractor), the location of his practice, the license plate on his car, and the fact that Anthony wasn’t from Seattle, but was from Aztlan.

Anthony P. Hankin

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