A late-middle aged Caucasian ex-Shadowrunner, Zealot is the team's first fixer


Hesk Amity, AKA “Zealot”, is a retired shadowrunner who decided to become a fixer after an explosion crippled his right leg. Zealot is a late middle aged Caucasian male, with greying temples and a number of scars criss-crossing his face. He walks with a very noticeable limp, and uses an ornate cane, with several silver rings carved in strange symbols wrapping the body of the cane.

The team first met Zealot after Fox found an encrypted message on ShadowSEA. After cracking it, Fox found it was a posting for novice shadowrunners from Zealot, who specializes in getting novice teams off the ground. When the team arrived at Zealot’s building, he ran them through a short test of their abilities, to determine if he should hire them.

Zealot worked at the University of Washington, as a professor of psychology, until 2060, when he left for reasons he has not revealed. Zealot is a specialist in disguise, demolition, and negotiation.


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