Renraku Computer Systems

Renraku, previously known for their now failed Seattle Arcology project, have been struggling to regrow their image and business in recent years. They still control a great deal of the communication and advanced tech contracts in the civilized world, and their data storage is second to none. Additionally, the Renraku Arcology debacle proved at the very least that they make impregnable bunkers, which has led to them getting a number of military and private contracts.

10: Chief Architect: Gain REDACTED as contact (Connection 6)

9: Architect: Recieve one of: Laser Rifle, Laser Pistol, Powered-Exo-Skeleton.

8: Overseer: Gain Underground Vault Safehouse.

7: Chief of Security: Recieve 3 Renraku Stingray Minisubs.

6: Security Officer: Can have advanced security system put on Safehouse of choice.

5: Arcology Engineer: Can have safehouse of choice hardened against EMP, surveillance, wire-tapping.

4: Arcology Staff: 1/Month can tap into all communications of target.

3: Arcology Resident: Gain Renraku rep as contact (Connection 3)

2: Applicant: Will buy exotic computer equipment from team.

1: Aspirant: Provides secure online storage space, Firewall 6, for team use.

0: Outsider: No Benefits.

-2: Excluded: All Team Commlinks have threshold for all tasks raised by 1, due to Renraku ads and spyware clogging up the system.

-4: Shunned: Security Systems cost 50% more.

-6: Hated: Advanced Tech has their availability raised by 10.

-8: Xenophobia: Renraku issued tech is unavailable to the team.

-10: Exiled: Advanced Tech Troopers are sent after the party.

Renraku Computer Systems

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