Shiawase Corporation

The Shiawase Corporation is the oldest of the Megas, and as such, has grown an interesting hierarchy over the years. Very family based, with the upper echelons all inter-related, Shiawase’s leadership is fairly fluid. As to what they do, an easier question to answer is what don’t they do. Through their own means and subsidiaries, they have hands in nuclear power, environmental engineering, biotech, heavy industry, technical services, minerals, etc…

10: Ancestor: Gain Shiawase Patriarch as contact (Connection 6)

9: Father: Gain Access to Nuclear Super Computing Facility.

8: Mother: Receive Shiawase Zeppelin Vehicle/Safehouse.

7: Son: Can install heavy drone turret on any vehicles with capacity remaining.

6: Sibling: Social Training costs 25% less Karma.

5: Daughter: Gain Infiltration specific gear package.

4: Husband: Gain Shiawase Rep (Connection 3, or 5 if in Asia)

3: Uncle: Can sign a contract with Shiawase, they can no longer take jobs from other Corps, but all Shiawase jobs pay double. Breaking the contract moves rep down to -6.

2: Second Aunt: 1/Month Can hire Shiawase goons to aid in Runner jobs.

1: Distant Cousin: Can sell exotic/unusual blueprints or power sources to Shiawase.

0: Unrelated: No Benefits.

-2: Offended: Lifestyle costs increase by 25%.

-4: Feuding: Street Cred is reduced by 2 as the Spiteful Corp slanders you.

-6: Dishonorable: The Shiawase Corp has put a bounty out on your head.

-8: Disgraced: Shiawase Corp attempts to bomb one of your safehouses.

-10: Blood Oath: The family has sworn to see you dead. Shiawase Elite troops are often dispatched to kill the team.

Shiawase Corporation

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