Wuxing Incorporated

Wuxing Incorporated is the only China based Mega in the top 10, but they have certainly held their spot tenaciously. Following an abrupt rise in clout following the Crash, Wuxing has established a reputation as the new Mystical Megacorp. In addition, they are focused primarily on banking and shipping.

10: Adamantine: Receive Artifact of the Ancients.

9: Orichalcum: Recieve Greater Spirit as a contact (Connection 6)

8: Platinum: Receive Mansion Safehouse.

7: Gold: Can ship/smuggle weapons/vehicles/equipment to any port/airport in the world.

6: Silver: Can hire a group of infiltrators to weaken a target’s physical security measures before a run.

5: Copper: Receive free armor upgrades (Non-conductivity, Thermal Damping, Kevlar Weave, etc.)

4: Bronze: 1/Month Can gain banking/payroll details for target.

3: Tin: Investment Advice: Gain Nuyen each month based on rank in Wuxing.

2: Stone: Gain Wuxing Banker as contact (Connection 3)

1: Wood: All jobs pay 5% more.

0: Non-member: No Benefits.

-2: In Remission: International Travel costs 10% more.

-4: Missed Payment: All jobs pay 10% less.

-6: In Debt: Wuxing goons threaten one of your allies.

-8: Repossession: Wuxing goons attack/attempt to kill one of your allies.

-10: Evisceration: Wuxing Goons have targeted your entire network of allies.

Wuxing Incorporated

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