The Newest AAA Corp, Horizon is the popular and fresh face of media. If it is fun to watch, listen to, or use, Horizon probably had their hand in it. Masters of manipulating public opinion, they also dominate most of California’s development, turning Los Angeles into one sprawling Horizon Enclave.

10: Triple A Celebrity: Maximize Public Awareness, Receive Massive amounts of Nuyen each month.

9: Oscar Nominee: Receive Beverly Hills Penthouse.

8: Visionary: Receive Armored Limo.

7: Director: 1/Month can deploy Slander team to ruin the public persona of a target.

6: Producer: All jobs pay 10% more due to your fame.

5: B-Lister: It’s all about who you know, 1/Month character can get info on any famous celebrity, their possessions and property, debts and dirty little secrets, free.

4: TV Spot: Each character can get a book deal, raise Public Awareness by 3, receive nuyen each month.

3: Cameo: Unlock Media Career Missions.

2: Cameraman: Automatic access to any club/high end bar.

1: Best Boy: Gain Horizon Agent as contact (Connection 3)

0: Audience: No Benefits.

-2: Behind the Times: Clubs and Bars cover fees are twice as much.

-4: Paparazzi: Public Awareness and Notoriety are increased by 2, Street Cred reduced by 2.

-6: Libel: Team’s safehouse is staked out by paparazzi, revealing their every move to their enemies and public.

-8: Slander: Runner vehicles and property are routinely vandalized or sabotaged if left unguarded.

-10: Pariah: The Horizon PR machine stir up public opinion against you, angry mobs are on their way.


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