Interpol: A worldwide intergovernmental police force, transcending borders and jurisdictions, and focusing on international crime.

Ranks and Associated Benefits:

10: Commissioner in Chief: Free Transport World-wide, Gain access to Interpol Stealth Plane.

9: Commissioner: 1/Month Can call in Interpol Agent Team on jobs.

8: Deputy Commissioner: Gain Interpol Chief as contact (Connection 6)

7: Senior Superintendent: Gain Interpol Safehouse.

6: Superintendent: Gain Heavy Interpol Ares Citymaster Vehicle.

5: Assistant Superintendent: Gain Access to Interpol Training Facilty.

4: Inspector: 1/Week can access Interpol Database (Compiled data on all legal and criminal SINs).

3: Sargent: 1/Month Can call in Interpol Recon Mini-Drone before run.

2: Constable: Gain Interpol Liason as a contact (Connection 3)

1: Informant: Gain Interpol Surveillance Gear.

0: Civilian: No Benefit.

-2: Observation: Interpol has compiled a dossier on the team.

-4: Interrogation: Interpol agents are observing/tailing the team.

-6: Extradition: Interpol agents will actively try to interfere with operations.

-8: Imprisonment: Interpol agents will shoot on sight.

-10: Execution: Interpol teams will be dispatched periodically to arrest or kill the team.


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