Lone Star Security

Lone Star Security is the largest private police force in the world, providing security and police services to cities and corporations all across the globe. In Seattle, the primary police force is Lone Star.

10: Chief of Police: 1/Month can call in High Threat Response Team.

9: Deputy Chief: Gain Chief of Police as contact (Connection 6)

8: Superintendent: Police will not interfere with team’s jobs unless asked if informed ahead of time.

7: Inspector: Gain access to Police Fortified Safehouse.

6: Staff Sergeant: 3/Month Use Police Database (Compiled SIN Data of all Legal and Criminal SINs in region).

5: Sergeant: 1/Month Access to Evidence Locker.

4: Detective: Gain Patrol Car w/ light weaponry in trunk.

3: Constable: Gain Desk Sergeant as contact (Connection 3)

2: Officer: Gains access to Police Radio.

1: Informant: Can sell-out other gangs/criminals for Nuyen.

0: Citizen: No Benefits.

-2: Vandal: Description circulated to local districts.

-4: Burglar: Bounty placed on Team.

-6: Arsonist: Arrest on sight.

-8: Felon: Kill on sight.

-10: Most Wanted: High Threat Response Teams are converging on Team Safehouse.

Lone Star Security

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