Mitsushama Computer Technologies

Mitsushama is one of the world leaders in drone tech, robotics, heavy industry, and curiously enough, magical supplies. Known in the shadows for being very profitable to work for, they also are viewed as very draconian in their discipline, failure is rarely suffered lightly by them.

10: Heavy Anthroform: Recieve Prototype Mitsushama Heavy Assault Drone.

9: Synthetic: Receive Orca Class Attack Submarine.

8: Battle Robot: Vehicle Upgrades are 50% off at Mitsushama Repair Installations.

7: Automated Turret: Technomancer Training costs 25% less Karma.

6: Drilling Platform: Gain Off-Shore Platform Safehouse.

5: Targeted Demolitions: Building costs for custom buildings and security systems cost 25% less.

4: Construction Anthroform: Get Mitsushama Rep as contact (Connection 3)

3: Service Drone: Drones and accesscories cost 25% less.

2: Enhanced Commlink: Whole team is given top of the line Fairlight Caliban commlinks.

1: Intelligent Coffee Maker: Basic Tech (Commlinks, Microphones, Etc.) Cost 15% less.

0: Empty: No Benefits.

-2: Glitch: Basic Tech, when bought, has a 5% chance to instantly break the first time it is used.

-4: Malfunction: Drones and Drone Accessories cost double.

-6: Error: Transport over-water, for runners or supplies, cost double.

-8: Critical Failure: Mitsushama Drones come pre-loaded with the team as lethal targets.

-10: Total System Shutdown: Mitsushama Drone Squadrons are deployed to eliminate the runners.

Mitsushama Computer Technologies

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