NeoNET might as well rename themselves “Phoenix” for their tendency to rise from the ashes. Skilled at turning any failure to their advantage, NeoNET has managed to gain a controlling interest in communications, vehicle manufacturing, electronics, and are even branching into cyberware.

10: Satellite Uplink: Receive Satellite Strike Designator. 1/Month call down a devestating Thor Strike or a precise Freya Strike from orbit.

9: Ground Surveillance Radar: Receive Skyscraper Penthouse Safehouse.

8: Laser Designator: Technical Training costs 25% less Karma.

7: Wi-Fi Source: Free Access to the NeoNET Database.

6: Heavy Drone: Gain 4 High-Grade Security drones/turrets to place inside safe houses at their discretion.

5: Crawler-Drone: Gain NeoNET Rep as contact (Connection 3)

4: Autonav Sensor: Receive Specialty sensors for each vehicle of the team (Pick One: Thermographic, Ultrasonic, Radar, Chemical, Motion)

3: Micro-drone: Drone Handling is increased by 1 across the board due to more efficient wiring.

2: RFID: Any devices stolen from the party that have RFID can be traced for them.

1: Transceiver: Transmitting devices in the party’s possession have their signal raised by 1.

0: No Signal: No Benefits.

-2: Interference: Transmitting devices have their signal range reduced by 1 rank.

-4: Static: NeoNET agents have compiled extensive dossiers on the team and their allies.

-6: Dropped Call: Drones have a 50% higher availability test.

-8: Cut-Out: NeoNET starts selling the dossiers on the party to their other enemies.

-10: Dead Battery: NeoNET satellites block team communications when they are overhead.


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