Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries

While there are a number of corporations to be feared, none can claim the title of most ruthless better than Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries. Run by the Great Dragon Lofwyr, the company is meticulously and ruthlessly managed. The largest corporation in the world, SK is primarily involved in Heavy Industry, Manufacturing, and Construction, but their draconic influence has also led them to having a small army on call, and considerable magical resources.

10: Ancient Dragon: Can call on one of Lofwyr’s lieutenant dragons for aid once per year.

9: Leviathan: 1/Year, may call in a strike from Saeder-Krupp Stealth Bomber Fleet.

8: Wyvern: Gain Drake’s Haven Safehouse.

7: Hydra: Magical Training costs 25% less Karma.

6: Naga: Receive Jet-Powered SK Remus Main Battle Tank.

5: Drake: Dragon Thrall Missions unlocked.

4: Komodo Dragon: Receive Saeder-Krupp Rep (Connection 3).

3: Frilled Lizard: Dragonsteel Melee Weapons are available for purchase

2: Iguana: Magical Components, Fetishes, and Foci are 15% cheaper.

1: Newt: Can use SK training facilities, 50% less training time for weapon skills, 50% less nuyen cost for trainers.

0: Smoothskin: No Benefits.

-2: Hungry: All products cost 5% more.

-4: Starving: Magic skill threshold raised by 1 anywhere in Europe.

-6: Famished: SK Vehicles are off-limits.

-8: Prey: An SK Drake squad is dispatched to eliminate the team.

-10: Picked Clean: Relentless assault by SK Troops. Those that reach this rank rarely live long.

Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries

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