The Yakuza are an international crime syndicate originally based in Japan. In 2172, the Seattle Yakuza are focused primarily on fast vehicles, respect, and arms dealing.

10: Kumicho: Gain the Oyabun (Head of all Yakuza) as contact (Connection 6)

9: Wakagashira: Gain Access to Inner Circle Missions.

8: Shateigashira: 1/Month Can Deploy Yakuza Squad.

7: Saiko-Komon: Gain Yakuza Safehouse.

6: Shingiin: Can be inducted into Yakuza, gain tattoo artist, giving +2 to respect and intimidation

5: Kaikei: Receive Mitsuzuki Bakushin Motorcycle.

4: Kyodai: Each team member is gifted with a hand-made weapon dedicated to their style.

3: Shatei: Team can train in a martial art of their choice.

2: Kumi-In: Gain street-level informants for legwork (Lower Thresholds on Legwork involving crime, street level work, or local knowledge)

1: Jun-Kosei-In: Gain Local Yakuza Boss as contact (Connection 3)

0: Daremo: No Benefit.

-2: Kaigi-Tekina: Vehicles cost 15% more.

-4: Teki: Yakuza clans know your name.

-6: Uki Kasu: Yakuza businesses charge you an extra 25%

-8: Meiyo no Satsujin: Yakuza are hostile on sight.

-10: Shi: Local Yakuza gangs will seek you out, and attempt to kill you.


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